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Timekeeping of Moon18 & Mars24

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We embrace humanity’s exploration into the final frontier as we introduce Vartis12. Using state-of-the-art technology developed through harmonizing ancient cyclic time with the modern precision of linear time, we launch our first product. Vartis12 technology is brought to your iPhone and Apple Watch. We begin with Moon time and Mars time as well as the Islamic Hijri and Gregorian calendars. As research continues, collaboration and partnerships grow, precision and applications will grow in kind.

The story behind how our company was founded

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Our company has taken a pivot after discovering a methodology that unifies ancient cyclic time with modern technologies, Vartis12 for iOS devices is our first application.

As humanity ventures to the Moon and beyond, the challenge lies in synchronizing timekeeping systems between Earth and celestial bodies due to time dilation across spacetime. Beyond this, scientists and engineers are striving to build quantum computers, yet grappling with the mathematical challenge of modeling time in the quantum state, hindering the development of vital quantum clocks essential for advancing quantum computing technology.

Leveraging patent-pending technology, relational-based cyclic time with zero-time points it is possible to address numerous modern challenges using novel approaches.

Beginning with launch of Vartis12 for the iOS market and the introduction of Moon18, Episome reaffirms its unwavering commitment to evolve solutions and address contemporary challenges with novel offerings. From facilitating independent timekeeping on the Moon, accessible from either Earth or the lunar surface, to conceptualizing quantum clock solutions essential for the advancement of quantum computing, we strive to provide innovative solutions to propel humanity forward.

Product Features
Moon18. Independent Moon timekeeping based on its orbit.

Unlock the power of Mesoamerican vigesimal (base-20) timekeeping innovations for enhanced time management and efficiency.

  • Independent of our 24-hour day and time zones on Earth
  • Track New Moon cycles with unique divisions for time (18-0000)
    • N = 18(202) = 7,200 units of time each lunation cycle
    • 18 Uinal each lunation
      • 20 Kins each Uinal
        • 20 Mertz each Kin
          • Total of 7,200 mertz each lunation cycle
  • Potential to align and track sunrise/sunset for Moon based assets
  • Synchronized advancement of ancient lunar based calendar methodologies
Mars24. Independent Mars24 timekeeping based on the planet’s sol (solar day).

Display Mars24 (sol) time on your device and track Mars’ orbital time.

  • View Mars24 time (24:0000)
    • N = 24(602) = 86,400 uniform units of time each sol
    • 24 “hours” (divisions) in a sol
  • Track your preferred Mars asset in its local time zone as it cycles through Martian day and night each sol.
  • Visualize Mars' journey to aphelion in space and time.
Vartis12. Connected through time.

Elevate your stargazing experience with our cutting-edge multi-celestial timekeeping app, designed exclusively for your iPhone and Apple Watch.

Moon18 lunation time

Follow the lunation cycle based on a New Moon signal (12 o’clock position) using Moon18 units and visual cyclic time

12 Shawwal 1444 AH
Islamic Hijri Calendar

Display your calendar of interest.

Mars orbital time

Cycle specific signal in space and time designated as the Mars’ aphelion position.

Vernal Equinox
Mars24 sol time

Select Mars24 time in a sol given the relevant time zone of your interest.

PRE-PRINT manuscript.

First pre-Catholic Mesoamerican calendar hypothesis


Ancient applications to solve modern problems


Aligning with an international community for Mars24 methodology. Acknowledgement”

Symmetry of time.

A fundamental symmetry. The dihedral symmetry group representing time, Dih12.

Dimensional quantities.

Cyclically unique object-oriented relational time [Tr].

Cyclic and Linear time.

State-of-the-art methodology to unify ancient cyclic and modern linear time.

The first multi-celestial time keeping solution. Unifying ancient civilization methodologies from around the world with modern technology.

The journey ahead begins with one small step. We endeavor to establish international partnerships in business and academic science to expand our capabilities and explore unprecedented applications. Our relentless pursuit leads us to introduce groundbreaking methodologies and technologies that unlock possibilities beyond current approaches.

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Join us at the beginning as we continue to build in new ancient calendars, and features, and collaborate with international leaders to increase precision and capabilities.